Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oklahoma on my mind...

I've been thinking a lot about Tulsa, as that's one of my job opportunities. I have a skype interview today. I've been checking out apartments, reading forums on crime and zeitgeist of Tulsa, and generally imagining myself living there.
I have this interesting personality trait, that I can easily adapt to whatever place I might be living. I take it as it is, and go with it. I focus on the good, and accept it as the reality without much negativity. I discovered it a while ago, and I think that's what helped me survive living in such wide variety of places.

I found that Tulsa has a low crime, living close to the center would be just slightly more expensive than what I have now, the people are extremely nice and polite. As much as there isn't extreme high "culture" activity, there seems to be a lot of nice places to go, hang out (cafes! real ones!), walk around... Cherry Str. seems to be a nice place to live close to.

Of course I could be living a tad farther away in VERY affordable apartments, but then I would have to have a car. I also am dreaming about finally living in a place that I can easily walk to get a nice cup of coffee, find a bookstore, be close to a park or just interesting places to walk around.

There are also other, very important, positives about having a job in a place like Tulsa: the people would really wanted me there. I would feel needed, I would feel I can make a difference. And that's beautiful. I still hope for Gann Academy in Boston, as that's a serious step up in teaching reputation... But there is so many people who also would love to live in Boston, and I am not sure that what I have to offer would be cherished and appreciated as much as in a smaller community.