My Book List

Books I read... fiction and non-fiction, that I find are worth sharing. All the books related to paleo science you will find on my other blog: I, the paleo autsajder.

Cornel West, Hope on a Tightrope. I've just "discovered" Cornel West. Why so late? His words are not just illuminating and inspiring... they are mind-blowing. I drink each word founding them nourishing, soothing and calling for action at the same time.
I am reading also his other books:
Race Matters
Living and Loving Out Loud.

Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz, The Colors of Jews. I am fascinated about the social construct of race, I am guessing because it's so foreign an idea to me. The same as the author pointed out, I became "white" the moment I came to America, before that I was just one of the others, or Jewish. I have never felt part of the privileged group, but suddenly I am. It is strange to be a part of a few minorities on one side, and part of oppressing majority on the other. The book is not only a great testimony on changing fabric of the Jewish people, but also very good discourse on privilege, race, ethnicity and other related subjects.