Monday, October 25, 2010

Andrea Gibson, the prophetess.

I have no idea how it is even possible that I have never heard about her before. I found a link to her performance in one of the new blogs I added recently to my reader... something intrigued me in the description. An hour later, with heart pounding and eyes tearing, I am in love. I haven't heard such power, emotion and passion expressed so beautifully and powerfully. I think ever.  This is beyond words, I am overwhelmed. And I will find a way to include her poems in my teaching. If her words don't touch someone's heart, I am not sure there ever was one.

I tried to choose one video to post here.. but I am unable. I found her website, facebook, I downloaded some free mp3 from it. I feel hungry for her.

It's quite interesting that in my studies of prophets and prophetic writing, one of the common characteristic is extreme sensitivity to the world's injustice. A prophet was someone who lacked the ability to get used to seeing oppressed, greedy officials and poor widows. Someone who was not afraid to speak his/her mind, even if it was dangerous. A hero fighting with words, passion and tears. Fighting against hope, not giving up, mad with passion for justice.
Andrea Gibson fits this description perfectly.

oh, and she's fraking beautiful.