Saturday, October 2, 2010


I've realized that I miss using avatars. I have hundreds of them saved on my computer over the span of about seven years in blogging world. Some of them are nothing special, but some are pure gems. I wonder if I could combine blogger's form with the one I am used to from LJ. I guess it might not fit the decor... but I like these small pieces of art. And sometimes they are just the perfect commentary on whatever you are writing. Sometimes tell the world what movie you are obsessing with, without having to tell a word. I like the silly ones and the artsy ones. Sometimes I tend to use just a few over and over again, sometimes I want to have new or get back to old, forgotten. I once tried my skills at them... but I just didn't feel it. I am good at capturing what I see with my camera, not manipulating the image.

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