Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dining room inspiration

I feel my dining room is the least "done" from my room. It was the first to reach somewhat of a readiness to be used, but since then it fell behind the others which were revamped and painted. It's kind of blah, boring and dark (it's a North side). I am browsing flickr to check if some inspiration comes... and found almost nothing. So got into some of my decor blogs, having more luck. Here are some finds:

I love this round table. I think in my smallish room it would fit much nicer than the big rectangular I have now. I don't entertain often enough to have such a big table. And I already wonder if I could do it DIY!

from desire to inspire

This one has also a very nice, cozy set:

I like how nice, clean and simple this one is, but I am guessing my chairs wouldn't fit and the room is too dark for such a light composition... 

This table is gorgeous. and heavy enough to accommodate my heavier-looking chairs.
This would also fit nicely. Good shape, not too big.

This blue table is stunning... It would be perfect.
The Upward Bound House by Elizabeth Bomberger eclectic dining room

It's pretty obvious to me that I can't really afford buying new, nice table. So I started to look around for DIY ideas as well... I think I will get a table top somewhere (I saw one on eBay) and make legs from pipes. I wanted to do something industrial for a while anyway. 

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