Sunday, October 2, 2011

well, it's been a while...

After a lot of changes, storms, travels and what not, I have decided to get back to my blog.
A short update: I am in Poland, living in my old childhood apartment and trying to find my way around here.

As of yesterday I am running my own, one-person company. I am scared, there is no way around it. I caught a basic English classes job, but very limited and more than part-time. My own company, I hope, will be the thing... I am scared where it goes. I hope to write books, translate them, write educational articles... I want to educate, bring something important, something that will be read. But for now, I am happy to do anything, I need money and I need it now... The shipping costs were more than twice what I thought, and I am running out of savings... But I am trying to be positive. That's all for an update, I hope to keep up with the blog a bit better than in the past :)

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