Monday, September 20, 2010

got back from an app't with my immigration lawyer.

i despise borders. i never could grasp the idea of borders, countries, states... since I was a kid. I still have troubles with the fact that some clerk can decide I have no right to live in a place that suits me best, where I like it.
Even just a few hundred years ago people were free to migrate. They preferred to stay among their own, who speak same language and live similar lives. But sometimes, for myrriads of reasons they felt the need to move... and they could. Today? No way.

I'm lucky anyway, just a generation ago I wouldn't be allowed to leave my country to go to Israel or the US, my first passport was only for the countries in the soviet block. my Mom couldn't even dream to leave the region.

We were born to move. that's what we've been doing for the past few millions years... humans are always on the move.

It's a bit like wearing shoes. They are useful, protect from some uncomfortable surroundings, can be nice and colorful and let us be different from others, express ourselves. But truly, deeply inside I now that the happiest I am when I walk barefoot. That's what my body needs, that's what is natural, normal and good.

borders are so artificial. one man boasting he can separate himself from another, to limit the other... but at the same time limiting himself. We can't just build fences to force each other into small holes. and make friendships of privilege with pigeons from other richer holes.

the most strange thing recently I observe here is the hellish wars over Latino immigration (b/c of course it's not really about "illegal" immigration, it's about "non-white, poor, worse-kind-of-humans" immigration). and I am just wondering... can't people see these people are just coming back to their own land stolen from them during unprovoked US-Mexico war? They are mostly indigenous people, either from the lands of south-west US or the regions close and around. It's their land, their ancestors. and they used to be able to travel and migrate to their heart desire, depending on weather, seasons, animal migration, populations, diseases, geography... NOT stupid artificial lines drawn on map by some guys with too much testosterone.

I will be applying for my green card soon. I can't even imagine that some anonymous clerk might, with one signature, destroy all my plans, dreams, relationships, hopes, wishes...

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