Thursday, September 16, 2010

getting around

most of the time I don't complain about not having a car. it is what it is, I've never owned one, so I am used to do it. Here, in US, it's more difficult to get around without one, though. I still walk a lot, use buses, subway, lightrail and I have also good friends who help me around sometimes.
I don't want to have a car b/c one - I can't afford it, second - even if I got it somehow, I am scared of maintaining it and if anything breaks.

I wish I had a car, though, when there is a sucky weather like today, or when I feel it would be nice to go to the cinema, or IKEA or do bigger grocery shopping, or go downtown.... you get my idea.
Today was raining (thanks gods I took an umbrella) and got chilly. I had to go to the therapy and stop by the library on the way back... each stop involved waiting for the bus, walking to the bus stop, from the bus stop. So much time waste. It took me two hours to get home from therapy. With about 30min in the library... with a car it shouldn't take more than 1h., maybe slightly longer. Everything takes so much time... and I was lucky I caught the bus right after therapy, I generally miss it and wait 30min for the next one. Which sucks if it's raining, is cold, dark, and there isn't much people around...

I wish there was a better public transport, that would seriously be a solution.

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