Tuesday, September 14, 2010

got my hands dirty

I played with clay today. it was part of a special program in our school, linking learning with art. I had fabulous time. This is just such an amazing experience to create, to make your hands dirty with shapeless matter which slowly becomes something. This "something" still wasn't exactly of a beautiful shape, making a vessel is not an easy thing! But I would love to play more with that. I do like painting, but the most fun I have is when I do more spacial stuff, tri-dimensional. I use joint compound, speckle, coffee mixed with glue... I just like when there is more texture. I think I might try and play with the self-drying clay for the beginning, just to see if I really like it. I know I am sometimes of a "hay fire" - I got all excited about new idea but can't finish it.

I had to be a bitch to a student today. I hate to hear "other teachers don't pay attention, you are the only one who cares!" (no it wasn't an expression of my deep feelings and care for the students... but rather for the students' rules and guidebook). I feel bad, but if there are rules, and they make sense, I follow them. It makes my life easier, I hate the doubt and gray zones. The more I can limit them the better. But still feel weird.

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